SPX210 46″ cutting deck

Snapper SPX210 46″ Side Discharge Tractor


Lawn tractors that do what they’re supposed to do, while looking good. If you have a larger garden, you will be pleased by the mowing experience of an SPX lawn tractor. The powerful Briggs & Stratton engines make sure these sit on mowers have the power to cut under a variety of mowing conditions.

The SPX210 is built with a 46″/ 117 cm frame hung stamped steel deck. With the hydrostatic transmission, you can set your speed by foot and drive with speeds up to 6,9 km/h. The lawn tractor is also equipped with cruise control to give your foot some rest while mowing.

The excellent 36 cm turning radius will make short work of manoeuvering around complex gardens. Four deck support wheels and the front bumper provide protection to the mowing deck.


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  • Reliable, powerful Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Rigid steel mowing deck
  • Cast-iron pivoting front axle smoothly tracks over rough terrain for an even cut
  • Powerfull LED headlights light the path
  • The comfortable seat is adjustable in 9 positions
  • Cruise control located conveniently on the dash board

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Four support wheels protect the mower deck on uneven terrain. The wash port makes cleaning easy.

Cut grass to just the right height by choosing from 7 positions between 3,8 and 10,2 cm.

With cruise control and RMO (Reverse Mow Option) switch.

Adjustable in 9 positions.

The cast-iron pivoting front axle smoothly tracks over rough terrain for an even cut.

Equipped with a reliable Briggs & Stratton engine to keep your lawn tractor running for years and years to come.

These powerful LED headlights light your path.

The Tuff-Torq® transmission offers a hydrostatic drive and allows you to operate the tractor at higher speeds.

The steel front bumper adds extra durability to the front-end of the tractor


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42", 46" and 48" Mulch Kits available for the Snapper SPX series.

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Specs for Snapper SPX210 46″ Side Discharge Tractor.

  • SPX110 SPX210 SPX310
    * Measured with deflector down.
    ** Applies to residential use only. See operator’s manual for complete warranty details.
    Length of engine warranty coverage varies by manufacturer.
    Engine Model Briggs & Stratton
    Intek™ Series 7200
    OHV, AVS®
    Briggs & Stratton
    Intek™ Series 7220 V-Twin
    Briggs & Stratton
    Professional Series™ 8230 V-Twin
    Cylinders 2 2 2
    Starting System Electric Start Electric Start Electric Start
    Fuel Capacity 15 litres 15 litres 15 litres
    Drive Type Tuff Torq® K46 Tuff Torq® K46 Tuff Torq® K46
    Forward Speed 0 - 7,7 km/h 0 - 6,9 km/h 0 - 8,2 km/h
    Reverse Speed 0 - 5,2 km/h 0 - 4,4 km/h 0 - 5,4 km/h
    Frame Steel Steel Steel
    Tyres front 15” x 6” 15” x 6” 15” x 6”
    Tyres rear 20” x 8” 22” x 10” 22” x 9,5”
    Turning radius 36 cm 36 cm 36 cm
    Mower deck lift Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
    Blade engagement Electric Electric Electric
    Cutting Width 107 cm 117 cm 122 cm
    Mower Deck Frame Hung Frame Hung Frame Hung - Fabricated
    Collector Capacity - - -
    Height-of-Cut 7 positions / 38 - 102 mm 7 positions / 38 - 102 mm 7 positions / 38 - 102 mm
    Blades 2 3 3
    Length 185 cm 185 cm 185 cm
    Width* 134 cm 149 cm 150 cm
    Height 111 cm 117 cm 117 cm
    Wheel base 125 cm 125 cm 125 cm
    Weight 211 kg 223 kg 250 kg
    Mulching Kit Optional Optional Optional
    Single Bag Collector - - -
    Twin Bag Collector Optional - -
    Triple Bag Collector - Optional Optional
    Deck Support Wheels 4 4 4
    107 cm Dozer Blade Optional Optional Optional
    Warranty** 3-Year Limited 3-Year Limited 3-Year Limited

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