Zero Turns Diesel TRIPLE deck

Ferris IS Diesel Zero Turn Commerical Mowers

Series overview

Ferris suspension zero turn mowers are a preferred choice among landscape contractors and homeowners alike. When you have a lot of ground to cover and productivity is key, a Ferris zero turn mower with suspension technology is the best choice.

Ferris diesel-powered zero turn mowers feature durable liquid-cooled diesel engines, suitable for the most demanding applications. In addition, the diesel engines in our IS 6200 and IS 2600Z are fully compatible with renewable fuels such as HVO 100 (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), BTL (Biomass To Liquid) and GTL (Gas To Liquid).

When it comes to selecting a Ferris zero-turn mower, consider the size of your turf and how many obstacles you must mow around. Large deck size = shorter mow time, small deck size = easier to manoeuvrer around obstacles.


  • IS® independent suspension
  • Heavy duty construction
  • iCD™ deck with 2-belt deck drive
  • TRIPLE deck
  • Renewable fuels, such as HVO100, BTL and GTL, are supported

Zero Turns Diesel models

61″ TRIPLE deck - DIESEL -
In stock
72″ TRIPLE deck - DIESEL -
In stock

Features highlights

Rugged fabricated frame featuring 3.05 mm walled 38.1 x 50.8 mm tubular steel frame rails. The heavy duty integrated rear bumper protects the engine compartment.

Patented suspension system that dramatically increases operator comfort and productivity, which includes: - IS® Independent front wheel suspension utilizing single independent control arms and large adjustable coil-over-shocks -Swingarm rear wheel suspension system utilizing a pivoting transaxle cradle and large adjustable coil-over-shock.

The TRIPLE mower deck is the all-in-one solution including side discharge, rear discharge and mulching options. No matter the circumstances, the best mower configuration is always at your disposal. With greaseable cast-aluminium mower spindles.

Renewable fuels, such as HVO100, BTL and GTL, derived from biomass are supported to be used in this engine***. The use of renewable fuels reduces the carbon footprint, compared to fossil fuels, on a life cycle analysis basis.

Accessories highlights

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Adding a service jack to your fleet allows for easy convenient access underneath the cutting deck anywhere, whether in the shop or out in the field. The service jack is supplied without a mount kit. This makes it possible to purchase one service jack as well as the mounts that suit the models in your Ferris fleet. REQUIRES MOUNT KIT.


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In stock

Tired of getting flat tyres on your Ferris zero turn mower? Why not replace you pneumatic caster wheels with Ferris Flat Free caster wheels. Although fitting Flat Free caster wheels on Ferris suspension models will affect the rider comfort it will increase productivity in high demand application where punctures are frequently experienced.


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