Golf Car Associates

Golf Car Associates stocks the full range of new Yamaha golf carts and offers various used golf carts for sale, as well as trailers and numerous other golf cart Accessories. These Yamaha golf car and golf cart products are available in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding provinces, in South Africa. Besides the sale of golf cars, Golf Car Associates offers full maintenance rental and stand-alone service agreements for fleets.

What we offer

Golf Car Associates is proud to feature the latest Yamaha golf cart, The DRIVE, a superior vehicle in craft and functionality. Use the menus to find out more. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions.

Glacier Yamaha Golf Cart Emerald Yamaha Golf Cart Garnet Yamaha Golf Cart Tanzanite Yamaha Golf Cart Sandstone Yamaha Golf Cart Moonstone Yamaha Golf Cart Onyx Yamaha Golf Cart

Why Choose Yamaha and Golf Car Associates?

  • Japanese design (USA factory) with ongoing innovative product development
  • Golf cart experience over many years with an increasing market share worldwide
  • Quality, reliability and low cost life-cycle
  • First Fuel Injected golf cart - considered to be the best petrol car on the market
  • Golf Car Associates has a culture of ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Technicians mobile with spares (flexible)
  • Superior cart fleet maintenance ethic (with process perfected)
  • Competitive prices

We have supplied Yamaha Golf Cars to Glendower, River Club, Country Club JHB, Killarney, Glenvista, Zwartkop, Cullinan, Highland Gate Estate, Graceland, Clarens Estate, Sabie River Bungalows, Royal Swazi Sun, Zebula Estate, Vaal de Grace Estate, OR Tambo Airport, Rustenburg, Killarney, Kempton Park, State Mines and Reading Country Club to name a few.

Yamaha PTV Fuel Injected Petrol Golf Cart

The Yamaha PTV Fuel Injected Petrol Golf Cart is a variant of the petrol model which features an industry first: electronic fuel injection. The PTV's fuel injection allows for chokeless starts, smoother acceleration, improved petrol consumption, reduced emissions, reduced noise levels and an increase in speed to 29km/h over the standard carburettor petrol model which has a top speed of 24km/h.

Golf Car Associates is proud to offer the very popular Fuel Injected PTV Golf Cart, with its Yamaha built 357cc Fuel Injected engine and unsurpassed quality, in both 2- and 4-Seaters - for sale and full service fleet rental agreements. Please note that the PTV comes factory-fitted standard with the stylish Yamaha halogen Head & Tail-lights, hooter, rear-view mirror, and fuel gauge & hour meter on the dash.

Yamaha PTV fuel injected golf cart for sale in South Africa

PTV Electric Golf Cart - COMING SOON

The Yamaha PTV Electric Golf Cart is a variant of the standard electric cart which features the following

  • AC motor (energy efficient);
  • 5.0 kW electric motor (most powerful of mainstream golf cars);
  • Best hill-climbing ability of electric golf cars;
  • Most spacious;
  • Smoothness of power and acceleration;
  • Increase in speed to 30km/h; and
  • Standard fitment includes larger 10 inch wheels, head & tail-lights and horn.

Mining Industry Golf Car

Golf Car Associates has been supplying Yamaha golf carts to the Coal Mining Industry for more than 7 years. The golf carts are used predominantly below the surface. The standard cart is fitted with six 8V Trojan batteries (170 amp-hours), however we can also fit eight Trojan 6V batteries to provide 240 amp-hours (without vehicle modification).

48V electric Yamaha golf carts are particularly well suited for the purpose of getting managers, technicians, contractors and others efficiently down to the working face in a coal mine and back out for the following reasons:

  • The custom Mining golf cart has a steel chassis;
  • The Mining golf cart has a powerful 48V, 2.6 kW shunt wound electric motor capable of easily coping with the typical inclines in a coal mine; and
  • The golf car is reliable and robust. Read More

The standard cart if fitted with six 8v batteries (170 amp-hours), however we can also fit eight 6v batteries to provide 240 amp-hours (without vehicle modification required).

Mining Industry Golf Carts

The Yamaha Utility Vehicle - YTF2

The YTF2 is a 357 cc fuel injected Petrol engined golf cart with tilting rear bin and a Tow Hitch point, with the ability to pull a small trailer.

Yamaha Distributors offers this innovative Landscaper based on the YTF2 with a removable rack that drops into bin slots, converting this Utility vehicle into an awesome Landscape/ Garden Service/ Forestry maintenance vehicle. The rack accommodates up to 3 Trimmers/ Brush Cutters and 2 Chainsaws (with any blade length), which can all be padlocked, plus 4 upright Rakes and Brooms, plus a Yamaha Hover Mower, and 20 litres of Fuel and 20 litres of Water for the working staff. In fact it is everything the maintenance team could need to complete their days work, and all completely mobile. This vehicle can tow up to 450kgs on the hitch, ideal for a lightweight trailer to carry/ collect material. Available only in Green, pre-fitted with lights and horn and an optional Suntop (shown below). Read More

Yamaha Utility Vehicle