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Golf Car Associates stocks the full range of new Yamaha golf cars as well as various pre-owned golf cars for sale, trailers and accessories. Besides the sale of golf cars, Golf Car Associates offers full maintenance rental and stand-alone service agreements for golf car fleets. These Yamaha Golf Cart and golf cart products are available in Gauteng - Johannesburg, South Africa.

We have supplied Yamaha Golf Cars to Copperleaf, Zwartkop, Kyalami, Vaal de Grace, Germiston, Zebula, Rustenburg, Killarney, Glenvista Country Club, Kempton Park Golf Club and Reading Country Club to name a few.

PTV Fuel Injected Petrol 2-Seater Golf Car

The Yamaha PTV Fuel Injected Petrol Golf Car is a variant of the petrol model which features an industry first: electronic fuel injection. The PTV's fuel injection allows for chokeless starts, smoother acceleration, improved petrol mileage, reduced emissions and an increase in speed to 29km/h over the standard carburetor petrol model which has a top speed of 24km/h.

Golf Car Associates is proud to offer the very popular fuel injected PTV Golf Cart, with its Yamaha built 357FI engine and unsurpassed quality, in both 2 and 4 seaters for sale and fleet maintenance and rental agreements. Please note that the PTV comes standard with the stylish Yamaha halogen Headlights and Tail Lights.

mediCAR - patient Transport Solutions

The Ambulance golf car is available as a 48V electric or 357cc 4-stroke petrol . Ideal for use at big crowd events, sports stadiums, exhibition grounds, factories, airports, mines and many other venues. Additions such as lights, compartments for medical bags, ECG machines, drip hangers and any other special requirements can be arranged to specification. Read More

Yamaha mediCAR patient transport vehicle

Product Spotlight - Mining Industry Golf Car

Golf Car Associates has been supplying Yamaha golf cars to the Coal Mining Industry for more than 4 years. The golf cars are used predominantly below the surface.

48V electric Yamaha golf cars are particularly well suited for the purpose of getting managers, technicians, contractors and others efficiently down to the working face in a coal mine and back out for the following reasons:

  • The custom Mining golf car has a steel chassis;
  • The Yamaha golf car has a wet brake system that is sealed within the transmission. This eliminates the significant cost of continually replacing brake pads and discs associated with other vehicles used in these abrasive underground conditions;
  • The golf car has a powerful 48V, 2.6 kW shunt wound electric motor capable of easily coping with the typical inclines in a coal mine.
  • The golf car is reliable and robust. Read More

The standard cart if fitted with six 8v batteries (170 amp-hours), however we can also fit eight 6v batteries to provide 240 amp-hours (without vehicle modification required).

Mining Industry Golf Carts

The Yamaha Utility Vehicle - YTF2

Yamaha has just landed their latest Utility Car, the YTF2, which is a 360cc Petrol engined workhorse with tilting rear bin and a Tow Hitch point, with the ability to pull a small trailer.

Yamaha Distributors offers this innovative Lanscaper based on the YTF2 with a removable rack that drops into bin slots, converting this Utility vehicle into an awesome Landscape/ Garden Service/ Forestry maintenance vehicle. The rack accommodates up to 3 Trimmers/ Brush Cutters and 2 Chainsaws (with any blade length), which can all be padlocked, plus 4 upright Rakes and Brooms, plus a Yamaha Hover Mower, and 20 litres of Fuel and 20 litres of Water for the working staff. In fact it is everything the maintenance team could need to complete their days work, and all completely mobile. This vehicle can tow up to 450kg's on the hitch, ideal for a lightweight trailer to carry/ collect material.Available only in Green, pre-fitted with lights and an optional Suntop (shown below). Read More

Yamaha Utility Vehicle

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2,4,6-Seater Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles. Competitive Prices and professional, friendly service. Best Service and Technical Support. Fleet rentals, lease contracts and sales. Also sales of pre-owned golf cars, Ambulance Medical Vehicles, Mining Industry specialised carts, Raised suspension cars as well as countless authentic Yamaha Accessories, including trailers and light kits. Golf Car Associates is proud to feature the latest Yamaha golf car, The DRIVE, a superior vehicle in craft and functionality. Use the menus to find out more. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.